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DorseyFrom the President

Welcome to the Military Police Regimental Association’s website. The MPRA is a non-profit organization that exists to provide a variety of services and assistance to Military Police Soldiers and their families around the world. My hope is that you make this web site one of your “favorites” and check back with us often. Take a few moments to look over the site which details many of the benefits of being an MPRA member.

The MPRA is the Military Police Corps Regiments only professional organization dedicated to communicate the pride, heritage and history of the Military Police Corps and to promote the Corps’ future for members, family, and friends of the Regiment. In that last few years through our legacy programs, the MPRA has contributed over $500K for museum upgrades and Regimental Grove improvements, awarded over 100 college scholarships to MPRA family members, and provided over $100K in grants to Military Police Soldiers and their families. The MPRAs outreach programs have touched numerous friends of the Regiment such as the National Law Enforcement Explorers Academy, the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, D.C. and Special Olympic Programs.

None of this is possible without our individual and corporate member’s assistance. Our membership includes active duty Soldiers, National Guard and Reserve component Soldiers, retired Soldiers, and even those who were MPs years ago for a short time period and want to show their pride. With our local chapters and nearly 7,000 members worldwide, the National Board of Directors along with the MPRA staff look forward to accomplishing much more in the coming months and years.

Parallel to this website is our quarterly magazine, The Dragoon. You can also keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter. Let us know how were doing, what we can do better, and share your ideas with us. Please help us spread the word by telling someone about the MPRA and all the things we do for our Military Police Soldiers and their families.


CSM (R) Dorsey L. Newcomb
President, Military Police Regimental Association
National Board of Directors

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National Board of Directors

CSM (R) Dorsey Newcomb


President, National Board of Directors

COL (R) Tony Zabek


Vice President

CSM (R) James Barrett


Senior Advisor

 SGM (R) Don Rose


Walkway Representative

COL (R) Orv Butts


Retiree Affairs Representative

CSM (R) Jeff Butler


Vice President for Memberships

BG (R) Steven Curry


Senior Advisor



Reserve Component Representative / Legacy Program Representative

CSM (R) Tony McGee


Membership Representative

CSM (R) Mike True


Chief Financial Officer


CSM (R) Charles Kirkland


Membership Representative



Scholarship Representative


COL Charles Williams


Benevolent Fund Representative



By - Laws and Nominations


BG (R) Rodney Johnson


Senior Advisor


COL Gregg Thompson


Retail Operations & Personnel





Local Chapters

Fort Hood, TX
Hoosier, IN
Ozark - Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Pike's Peak, CO
Rainier (Fort Lewis) - JBLM, WA
Rhode Island
Rio Grande, TX
Golden State - Fairfield, CA
Bayou - Fort. Polk, LA
Tennessee Nashville Area
Yellowhammer - Prattville, AL