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If you would like to submit an individual for the 2015 Hall of Fame, please refer HERE for the Message and HERE for the 2015 Regulation.

Service Career / Recipient Name

1897-1923   Major General Harry H. Bandholtz

1905-1944   Major General Allen W. Gullion

1917-1955   Major General William H. Maglin

1954-1982   Major General John D. Granger

1955-1984   Command Sergeant Major James W. Frye

1940-1973   Major General Harley L. Moore, Jr.

1960-1987   Brigadier General David H. Stem

1942-1974   Colonel Henry H. Tufts

1960-1988   Command Sergeant Major Roland M. Gaddy

1957-1990   Major General Eugene R. Cromartie

1954-1992   Major General Charles A. Hines

1945-1989   GM15 Robert A. Brisentine, Jr.

1927-1957   Brigadier General Jeremiah P. Holland

1957-1988   Colonel Orville N. Butts

1943-1990   GM14 Ronald E. Decker
1917-1954   Colonel C. Victor Cadwell

1968-1992   Colonel Carl C. Sutherland

1953-1996   Major Fouad K. Aide

1927-1956   Brigadier General Francis E. Howard

1960-1964   Colonel Michael L. Sullivan

1964-1994   Command Sergeant Major Joshua Perry

1865-1901   Brigadier General Thomas F. Barr

1960-1989   Brigadier General Evelyn P. Foote

1940-1972   Chief Warrant Officer Four Maurice A. Parker
1962-1995   Major General Peter T. Berry

1966-1993   Chief Warrant Officer Four Marvin P. Parker

1963-1993   Command Sergeant Major David W. Stalter

1961-1990   Brigadier General Sherian G. Cadoria

1967-1992   Colonel Alexander Paul Sowa, Jr.

1966-1996   Command Sergeant Major Marcelino Malavet, Jr.

1942-1973   Colonel John F. Hyde
1965-1991   Colonel Walter N. Ferguson, III

1943-1971   Colonel Angus Boyd MacLean

1949-1983   Major General Paul M. Timmerberg
1969-1995   Command Sergeant Major Charles E. Joas
1943-1979   Colonel Glen A. Hill
1953-1979   Colonel Patrick R. Lowrey
1960-2001   Major Frank L. Ribich Jr.

1943-1978   Colonel Frank Cohn

1971-2001   Command Sergeant Major Harold L. Burleson

1971-2000   Command Sergeant Major Donald E. Thomas

1970-2001   Brigadier General David W. Foley

1965-1991   Colonel Lawrence Brede Jr.

1956-1995   Chief Warrant Officer Five Raymond R. Kangas

1967-2000   Major General John G. Meyer, Jr.

1956-1994   Brigadier General Salvatore Chidichimo

1942-1978   Colonel James D. Tynan

1954-1985   Colonel Thomas A. MacDonnell    

1975-2005   Colonel David F. Treuting    

1975-2002   Command Sergeant Major Daniel B. Rimmer    

1963-1984   First Sergeant Nick D. Bacon

1978-2005   Colonel Ted Spain

1981-2006   Sergeant Major Donald A. Rose

1972-2004   Brigadier General Stephen Curry    

1978-2006   Command Sergeant Major James Barrett

1971-2003   Chief Warrant Officer Four Richard Hinson

1972-2006   Major General Donald Ryder

1958-1984   Colonel Warren Rees

1977-2000   Command Sergeant Major Merle Jones

1966-1992   Command Sergeant Major James Armour

1975-1997   First Sergeant Russ Strand

1955-1981   Brigadier General Theodore S. Kanamine

1918-1962   Lieutenant Colonel George R. Bird

1962-1990   Chief Warrent Officer Four John R. Mays

1977-1999   First Sergeant David M. Ross 

1977-2010   Brigadier General Rodney L. Johnson

1972-2009   Chief Warrant Officer Five Philip E. Tackett

1977-2009   Command Sergeant Major Mark L. Farley

1980-2010   Command Sergeant Major Jeffrey A. Butler 

1973-2011   Chief Warrant Officer Five Stephen T. Okolovitch

1977-2004   Sergeant Major Reginald Cole

1944-1965   Sergeant First Class Robert F. Keiser