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Marechaussee Medal

The Legend of the Order of the Marechaussee

Since the creation of time there has existed a form of Law Enforcement. In any ancient army there has been someone to take the job charge to the Provost Marshal. The fact remains that someone did the job because it was vital to the effectiveness of the Army. Francis Markham’s Five Decades of Epistles of Warre, published in 1622, states that the Provost Marshal would be a Soldier of great Judgment and Experience in all Martial Discipline, well seen in the laws and ordinances of the Post or Camp. A resolution of Congress on 27 May 1778 established a "Provost" in the Continental Army. This force was to be mounted and accoutered as light dragoons; its mission was to apprehend deserters, rioters, and stragglers. In battle, it would be posted the rear to secure fugitives. The unit, soon styled the "troops of the MARECHAUSSEE" after the French term for their provost troops, was organized on 1 June 1778 at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.  During the Revolutionary War, the MARECHAUSSEE Corps were utilized in a variety of missions. The MARECHAUSSEE Corps was instructed to organize a patrol to obtain intelligence of the enemy's movement. They were to secure all its crossings to prevent persons from carrying intelligence to the enemy.  During the battle of Springfield, the MARECHAUSSEE Corps was utilized in a combat role. The MARECHAUSSEE Corps provided security for Washington's headquarters during the Battle of Yorktown in 1781. The apprehension, detention, security, and movement of prisoners of war were another mission for the MARECHAUSSEE. The MARECHAUSSEE Corps was the major military police-type unit during the American Revolution.


Nomination Criteria

    •    All persons on the nomination form must be a  member in good standing of the MPRA. 
    •    Recommended for approval by an MP Colonel or higher.
    •    Demonstrated outstanding professional competence in Military Police matters.
    •    Demonstrated dedicated application of time, effort and distinguished service to the Regiment.
    •    Possesses qualities that set the individual apart from other MP soldiers (military only).  
    •    Maintains high standards of personal conduct on and off duty.
    •    Meets designated physical fitness standards according to age group (military only).
    •    Maintains eligibility for favorable military actions (military only).

GOLD  Awarded annually to a very distinguished American, selected and approved by the Commandant of the US Army Military Police School and presented at the discretion of the Commandant, but normally during MP Anniversary Week.

SILVER  Recipient has performed service to the Regiment for at least 20 years. Outstanding positive impact in various positions of increased responsibility during the period Service must have clearly exceeded that of the individual peer group Individuals must clearly stand out in the eyes of their supporters, subordinates, and peers alike.  

BRONZE  Selected by the MPRA (Limited to 10% of all eligible) MP Colonel or higher of the Active Duty Component, Reserves, or National Guard. Approved by the Commandant and period that spans numerous assignments or extended time. Must have rendered at least 10 years of significant service or support to more than one element of the Military Police Regiment.

Submit Nomination Packet to MPRA with funds to purchase medal and certificate. Present medal at a scheduled special event. This award is sponsored by the MPRA to recognize exceptional dedication, competence and contribution to the Regiment over an extended period of time. Nomination Forms can be requested from the Military Police Gift Shop by calling 573-329-5317, MPRA Admin Office 573-329-6772, sending an email or download here. The completed nomination packet can be emailed to or mailed to: 

P.O. Box 2182

Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473

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Award Presentation Ceremony

Presentation of the Order of the Marechaussee will be conducted during very special events such as formal dinners and similar affairs. It should be conducted in a similar fashion to military award presentations. It will be presented by the highest ranking Military Police Officer or Command Sergeant Major. The Chief of the Regiment reserves the right to present the award in the USAMPS footprint. Requests for a non-MP to present the award must be sent to the Regimental leadership and receive prior permission from the Chief of the Regiment.


The medal should only be worn to formal Military Police Corps Regiment sponsored dinners, events, balls and other formal occasions or functions that will not detract from the dignity of the award. When worn with civilian attire, it shall only be worn at the coat and tie level of dress. The medal can be worn around the neck or clasped to the lapel of a suit jacket or tie, an evening gown, or a semi-formal gown.