The Order of the Marechaussee

The Military Police Regimental Association’s (MPRA) Order of the Marechaussee was officially established in 2000 to recognize exceptional dedication, competence, and contribution to the Military Police Corps Regiment over an extended period of time. The award was created with Gold, Silver and Bronze levels of recognition. The first Marechaussee awards were presented on September 29, 2000 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. There have been 8 Orders of the Marechaussee in Gold awarded to date along with 280 in Silver and 1,946 in Bronze.

Current Gold level recipients are:

1SG (R) Nicky D. Bacon (MOH recipient) September 2000

RCSM (R) David W. Stalter September 2003

RCSM (R) James F. Barrett December 2005

MG (R) Donald Ryder June 2006

LTG David E. Quantock September 2011

MG (R) Charles A. Hines May 2013

CSM (R) Joshua Perry September 2014

CSM (R) Donald Thomas September 2016

The Military Police Regimental Association’s mission is to promote the history and preserve the traditions of the Military Police Corps Regiment while supporting Military Police leadership, Soldiers and families Army wide. This award recognizes a degree of professionalism, high standards of integrity and morality and esprit de corps consistent with the long standing history and traditions of our Regiment.


Nomination Criteria

  • Requestor & Nominee must be current members of the MPRA.
  • Endorsed by a Military Police Colonel or higher (Current Member).
  • Have demonstrated exceptional dedication, competence, and contribution to the Regiment over an extended period of time.



Award Presentation Ceremony

Presentation of the Order of the Marechaussee will be conducted during very special events such as formal dinners and similar affairs. It should be conducted in a similar fashion to military award presentations. It will be presented by the highest ranking Military Police Officer or Command Sergeant Major. The Chief of the Regiment reserves the right to present the award in the USAMPS footprint. Requests for a non-MP to present the award must be sent to the Regimental leadership and receive prior permission from the Chief of the Regiment.


The medal should be worn to formal Military Police Corps Regiment sponsored dinners, events, balls and other formal occasions or functions that will not detract from the dignity of the award. When worn with civilian attire, it shall only be worn at the coat and tie level of dress. The medal can be worn around the neck or clasped to the lapel of a suit jacket or tie, an evening gown or a semi-formal gown.

Procedures for submission

  • Nominations packets are submitted to the MPRA.
  • Nominations are approved by the Chief of the Military Police Corps Regiment and the Regimental Command Sergeant Major.
  • Nominations must be substantiated based on firsthand knowledge or documented research of nominees exceptional dedication, competence, and contribution to the Regiment.
  • Nomination packets must contain an application, a narrative, a Military Police Colonel or above endorsement and $50.00 or $70.00 payment to MPRA (cost of bronze or silver medallion and certificate).
  • Only nominations for individuals will be accepted. No group nominations will be considered.

MPRA encourages all of its members to help promote these unique Regimental awards that recognize outstanding and deserving members of our Regiment. We are proud to help leaders continue our unparalleled Regimental esprit de corps through the use of this award.

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Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473

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