The Military Police Regimental Association is proud to announce that this year we had 87 scholarship applications – 10 more than our goal of 77. We were honored that so many MPRA members’ dependents took the time to apply for an MPRA scholarship and we wish all of those that apply and the thousands of others the best of luck as they pursue their educational goals.

Our team would also like to extend our sincere thanks to the many supporters who make this scholarship possible. Through our MPRA Expo, our gift shop, and the generous donations from our members around the globe, we were able to award the following 28 students with scholarships.

Please join us in congratulating the 2018 MPRA Scholarship Recipients (listed in alphabetical order):

Zachary Bloom                 $1000
Tiana DeSimon                $1000
Jordan Dombrowski       $1000
Nicholas Dombrowski    $1500
Kylei Giles                         $1000
Briah Glover                     $1000
John Gorgoglione           $1000
Rebecca Helfrich             $1000
Kellsie Herrmann            $1000
Abigail Hiipakka              $1000
Adam Knell                       $1000
Tina Legault                     $1000
Kayleigh Lucas                 $1000
Nick McGee                      $1000
Nicole Montes                  $1000
Cristina O’Barr                $1000
Mikaela O’Barr                $1000
Catharyn Pilch                 $1000
Samantha Pilch               $1000
Tristan Pilch                    $1000
Zachyle Sanders              $1000
Maria Schaefer                $1000
Glory Schroeder              $2000
Sarah Sellers                    $1000
Allison Shinskey             $1000
Elizabeth Stevenson      $1000
Carly Williams                $1000
Caroline Yates                 $1000

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