Of the troops and for the troops

From the MPRA President — CSM (R) Dorsey L. Newcomb

CSM-(R)-Dorsey-L.-NewcombOn behalf of our 6,800 plus members worldwide, welcome to the Military Police Regimental Association’s official website. The MPRA is a non-profit organization that promotes the history and preserves the traditions of the Military Police Corps Regiment while supporting Military Police Leadership, Soldiers and families Army wide. I encourage you to bookmark our site as one of your favorites and ask that you visit us often. There are many benefits to being a member of the MPRA and we hope our website helps tell that story along with our quarterly publication of the Dragoon, the official magazine of the Military Police Regimental Association.

The MPRA is the Military Police Corps Regiments premier Military Police professional organization which is fully aligned with the Army and Military Police Corps Regiment’s visions and recognized as relevant by Military Police Leaders, Soldiers and families throughout the Regiment. Over the past several years we have maintained our relevance through several very successful programs.

Our Benevolent Fund has provided over $150,000 in grants to Military Police Soldiers and families in times of need and we have provided $238,300 in scholarships to family members. We have also invested over $750,000 in our Regiment’s Memorial Grove and the Museum where we commemorate those who have served and sacrificed. Our association continues to engage in national level sponsorship and outreach with longstanding friends of the Regiment such as the National Law Enforcement Explorers Academy and the Special Olympic Programs. All of these endeavors are made possible through the strength of our individual members and our corporate sponsors.

Our membership is open to active duty Soldiers, National Guard and Reserve component Soldiers, retired Soldiers, and those who have ever served as a Military Policeman or worked in a civilian law enforcement capacity.

We always welcome your feedback on how we can continue to remain relevant as a national organization in support our Regiment. We want you as Leaders, Soldiers and family members to remain or become active members in the MPRA. We hope you will do so because you proudly recognize that our organization exists to give back to our Regiment. The future of our organization and the strength of our programs are driven by our membership and therefore I humbly challenge you to help us grow our membership.

Please connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. We look forward to hearing from you.

CSM (R) Dorsey L. Newcomb

President, Military Police Regimental Association

National Board of Directors

National Board of Directors

National Board of Directors

CSM (R) Dorsey Newcomb – President
COL (R) Charles Williams – Vice President
CSM (R) Roger Macon
CSM (R) Tony McGee
CW3 (R) Ron Mullihan
COL (R) Bryan O’Barr
CSM Mike Odle
SGM (R) Don Rose
1SG (R) Dave Ross
CSM (R) Mike True
CSM Rich Woodring

Senior Advisory Council

BG (R) Stephen Curry
COL (R) Wade Dennis
RCSM (R) James Barrett
RCSM (R) Charles Kirkland
RCSM (R) Jeff Butler

Past Board of Directors Presidents

SGM (R) Don Rose Oct 2010 – Sep 2014
CSM (R) Tony McGee Oct 2008 – Sep 2010
CSM (R) Mike True Jul 2005 – Sep 2008
CSM (R) Dan Rimmer Oct 2004 – Jun 2005
CSM (R) Merle Jones Oct 2000 – Sep 2004
COL (R) Joe Rapone Oct 1998 – Sep 2000

Ex-Officio Members (Non-Voting)

Mr. Rick Harne, Executive Director, MPRA
Ms. Beth Bellerby, Business Manager, MPRA
Mrs. Corina O’Barr, Gift Shop Manager
Mr. Jim Rogers, MP Museum Director
Mr. Ron Miller, MP Historian
Mrs. Erin Kaberline, Marketing / Communications Advisor