Below you’ll find the official announcement from the United States Army Military Police School and Chief of the Military Police Corps Regiment regarding this year’s Hall of Fame inductees. We are especially proud to announce that MPRA Senior Advisor COL (R) Wade Dennis and MPRA Executive Director Rick Harne have been selected as inductees!

On behalf of the Commandant of the United States Army Military Police School and Chief of the Military Police Corps Regiment, it is with great pride that the United States Army Military Police Corps Regiment announces our 2019 inductees into the Military Police Corps Hall of Fame:

Colonel (R) Wade F. Dennis

First Sergeant (R) Ricky G. Harne

Colonel (R) Joel L. Leson

Colonel (R) Daniel M. Quinn


Colonel (R) Wade F. Dennis’ thirty-six year career was consumed by war, hard-realistic training, and Soldiering.  His service to the Military Police Corps and Regiment was exemplary by every account.  His performance was outstanding and indelibly cast a positive impact upon the Regiment at every position he held during his distinguished career.  Most importantly, was his inspirational influence on the countless Soldiers, Non-commissioned Officers, and Officers he diligently led, coached, and mentored throughout his career.  From among these, many went on to serve at the highest echelons in the Army while others were inspired to continue their service and pursue goals they previously thought untenable.  His performance has always been marked by excellent results supported by his unyielding commitment at delivering his absolute best no matter the situation. Throughout all of his assignments, COL Dennis was championed as the consummate team builder.  Tapping into his modest upbringing from the farm fields of South Dakota, his gift has always been bringing Soldiers together and bonding them as a tight-knit team dedicated to a collective goal and purpose.  This “gift” was something that COL Dennis continued to perfect over the years becoming critically indispensable during all of his assignments. 


First Sergeant (R) Ricky G. Harne’s twenty-two years of active duty military service exemplified the Military Police motto; “Of the Troops, for the Troops.”  He established himself as a leader of the highest caliber in every position from Team Leader to First Sergeant.  His exemplary leadership while serving in several very select and high visibility positions had a tremendous impact on the Military Police Corps and its reputation among the most senior Department of Defense and Army leadership.  The trust and confidence placed on 1SG Harne and his Soldiers by these senior civilians and uniformed leaders as they traveled the world over contributed immensely to the outstanding reputation that our regiment enjoys today.  Immediately following his retirement from active duty, 1SG Harne became the Executive Director of Military Police Regiment Association (MPRA) and has gone far above and beyond in leading the association to achieve many tremendous accomplishments that will continue to promote the history and preserve the traditions of our storied regiment for many generations to come.


Colonel Joel L. Leson’s Military Police and Force Development career spanned over twenty-six years.  His specialties were combined to provide the Military Police Corps and the Army with projects and programs that went from the US Army Military Police School (USAMPS) “drawing board” to tangible Army policies, and onto the battlefield.  Between his hands-on Military Police command and staff experience at the company, battalion, brigade and division levels, and his involvement in the development of MP organizations and doctrine in the combat and force development arenas, COL Leson’s contribution was in a positive and productive manner. 


Colonel Daniel M. Quinn distinguished himself through exceptionally meritorious service in a succession of increasingly difficult and responsibility over his twenty-nine years of service.  In every assignment, he provided outstanding leadership, unmatched technical competence and unending selfless service.  He commanded at every level from company to brigade and served in key staff positions at major commands and Department of the Army (DA) levels.  His leadership as Commander of the 5th Military Police Battalion (CID), and later as Commander, 6th Military Police Group (CID), produced magnificent accomplishments in investigative support provided to senior Army commanders.  Whether commanding troops, establishing DoD Task Forces, or guiding a MACOM staff in its support to worldwide criminal investigation efforts, COL Quinn was the catalyst of each success his units enjoyed.  COL Quinn’s impact to the Military Police Regiment, the Army and the Department of Defense (DoD) has been exceptionally significant, resoundingly positive and without peer.

COL (R) Dennis, 1SG (R) Harne, COL (R) Leson, and COL (R) Quinn will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on 26 September 2019 from 1000 – 1200 at the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence, Lincoln Hall Auditorium, followed by a photo unveiling in the Military Police Corps Regimental Museum.  The Military Police Corps Regiment congratulates these 2019 inductees into this prestigious club.