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Keeping the Army Regiment Strong

The Military Police Regimental Association Benevolent Fund is dedicated to provide financial relief to members and retirees of the Military Police Corps Regiment and Soldiers or civilians working in support of the Military Police Corps Regiment in times of need.

Established in 2007, the MPRA is proud of the fact that $163,751 has been distributed to date. Although membership is not a requirement to benefit from this fund, it is strongly encouraged. Leaders at all levels are encouraged to take advantage of the fund whenever they have exhausted all means to financially support Soldiers and family members in times of need. All requests will be verified through the battalion level chain of command.

The Benevolent Fund is one of the many ways that the MPRA supports Soldiers around the globe every day.

For information or questions on how to request relief or to donate to the fund please refer to the Benevolent Fund Policy  or contact Rick Harne via phone 573-329-6772 or email.

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