Our brothers and sisters at CID have been working diligently to investigate and mitigate vulnerabilities that cybercriminals are attempting to take advantage of during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate their efforts and continued communication that encourages all of us to remain vigilant. Please take some time to read through their most recent news release regarding the attempted attacks on video conferencing calls. “Cybercriminals are conducting sophisticated phishing campaigns and exploiting vulnerabilities within various Video-Teleconferencing platforms to steal sensitive data,” said Edward Labarge, director, Major Cybercrime Unit (MCU). “A lot of this stolen data is already being sold on the darkweb. This highlights the importance of using only approved Department of Defense software, tools, and platforms for official government business.” The entire news release can be viewed by clicking here. Please read through this release, as it contains valuable information not only on the types of attempted attacks, but also tips and reminders on how to keep you, your family, your unit, and our military safe.