From August 20-22, 2019, the Military Police Corps Regiment hosted a combined Senior Leader Forum at Fort Leonard Wood. This event marked the first time both the Office of the Provost Marshal General (OPMG) and the United States Army Military Police School (USAMPS) hosted a combined forum of this type. In years past both the OPMG and USAMPS hosted separate senior leader forums in Washington, D.C. and Fort Leonard Wood respectively.

This year’s combined forum brought nearly 100 of the Army’s most senior MP leaders from across the world to discuss current operations and the future of the Military Police Corps Regiment. Also, during this Senior Leader Forum, the Military Police Regimental Association (MPRA) hosted its annual Technological and Industry Exposition.

The MPRA Expo attracted 80 industry representatives from 11 different states, as well as Canada and the United Kingdom. Exhibitors had the opportunity to share the latest in defense industry technologies and career and educational outreach with hundreds of Military Police professionals stationed at FLW, undergoing training at FLW, or attending the combined Senior Leader Forum.

During the expo vendors had the opportunity to visit one on one with Capabilities Development Integration Directorate (CDID) subject matter experts, attend individual briefings with the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (MSCoE) Battle Lab; Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier; hear an update from the Military Police School Deputy Commandant and have one on one meetings with the MSCoE Security Operations Branch. The MPRA Expo attendees included many of our joint service partners from the Marines, Navy, and Air Force that train and undergo training here at FLW. Over 1,500 attendees toured the vendor displays at Nutter Field House over the two-day expo.

“It was great to see the MP Regiment hold the combined forum here at FLW this year. We are all very proud of the home of our Regiment and we always welcome those that travel to visit with us here at FLW. Our association considered the forum a huge success and we hope the MP Regiment will bring all of its senior leaders back to FLW again next year,” said MPRA Board of Directors President Dorsey Newcomb.

If you weren’t able to attend this year’s expo, you can check out a few pictures from the event below.