One of our first MPRA chapters was formed in Massachusetts in 2004. This chapter has an extensive history and we’re very excited to feature them in our upcoming Dragoon magazine. Additionally, we hope to interview them live on our Facebook page sometime this spring. Keep an eye out for these features and we hope you enjoy learning about this chapter and their history!

Below you’ll find an excerpt from the article about the First Corps of Cadets chapter:

In 2004, the military police community in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts came together to form one of our first Military Police Regimental Association chapters. The First Corps of Cadets (FCC) Chapter was named for the original American military unit that was established there in 1741.

“People often hear our chapter name and think West Point or Texas A&M, but in fact, in the 18th century, the term cadet meant a branch of a distinguished family in military service and it was those individuals who initially served as guards of the Royal Governor before America became a country that our chapter is named after,” said Lieutenant Colonel Bryan Pillai.

Over this unit’s almost 300 year history, it has been an infantry, engineer, armor, signal, and artillery unit. In 1996, it was reflagged as the 211th Military Police Battalion.

The FCC Chapter is sponsored by the local Veteran Association of the First Corps of Cadets. In fact, this association actually owns an historic brownstone in Boston, Mass. that houses a small museum and provides meeting and office space for the chapter.

“In the past, National Guard units would occasionally own the buildings they drilled in. In the 1960’s, our unit sold an outmoded armory previously used for drill and purchased the brownstone. It’s been with the unit ever since,” said Pillai.

Read the rest of this article in our next Dragoon magazine!

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