From the U.S. Military Police Corps:

Fellow Military Police Leaders!

The MP Corps is looking for assistance with this year’s theme our 79th Anniversary. We believe in making sure we scan the field for our talented Regiment, so we are asking for your assistance. I ask that you share this request across your post, camps and stations to get as much support as possible.

Last year’s theme was:
Protect the Force Today to Preserve the Force Tomorrow.

Previous Years:
Valor in Action!
Preserving the Past!
Reinforcing the Present!
Shaping the Future!

The suspense for submissions will be the 20th of FEB 2020 we have an immediate need for support from all corners of the MP Corps.

Please send all themes and designs to the following personnel:
SFC Jeffery Pearson: [email protected] Mr. Douglas Porterfield: [email protected]
SGM Paul Millius: [email protected]

Thank you very much for all you do every day for our TEAM!!