The Military Police Regimental Walkway and Memorial Grove has certainly evolved over the years. A bronze crossed pistol archway that has become known as the “Gateway to the Regiment” welcomes visitors. Thousands of bricks, installed to honor individual Soldiers or entire units, create a walkway leading visitors through the grove. Many who visit the grove are drawn there because of a particular Soldier or unit. The 10 foot high bronze replica of the World War II era MP Soldier directing traffic on the battlefield in the “Of the Troops and for the Troops” art piece is on display seemingly guiding you through these revered grounds. The path is aligned with granite benches acting as symbols of dedication to the Regiment. Many display the names of Soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. A bridge over a historical marker leads to the completed foundation for the walkway where two additional walls were erected for units to dedicate plaques. Lights installed throughout the grove now allow for visits after sundown. In 2016, the 75th Anniversary of the MP Corps, the Marechaussee on Horseback statue was placed. It is an awe inspiring and superbly detailed art piece standing close to 16 feet tall. In 2020, the Military Working Dog statue was placed to highlight their tremendous service. I strongly encourage you to visit the grove. You can visit the grove just about any time of day when the weather is nice and you will see people of all ages paying homage to our Regiment’s heroes as well as all MPs past, present and future. The MPRA’s effort to call attention to the men and women of our ranks is beyond comparison. There is no doubt that Memorial Grove has truly become a place of remembrance.

Please refer to the Memorial Grove & Regimental Walkway Policy for specific details.

Interested in placing a Bronze Unit Plaque in Memorial Grove? Refer to Commemorative Memorabilia MP Memorial Grove Policy for details.

Rick Harne, Executive Director

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