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Dedicated ByLast NameOn BrickSectionColumnRow Gary C Tetreault 701st MP BN B B 32 168 MP BN Titans Tennessee ARNG A A 33 SSG David Simon MP BNCOC 004-017 C C 33 Warren E Sessler 545 MP CO Japan E E 33 MP ANCOC Class # 03-07 B B 34 COL L Harrelson/ Leigh Harrelson D D 34 USMA MP CO 1984-1987 F F 34 525 MP BN JTF GTMO A A 35 SGT T Wright 46th MP IRAQ 07 E E 35 A Sessler 31B 25July2007 D D 36 SL Andraschko COL 1976-2005 F F 36 RL Andraschko CPL 1952-1954 A A 37 MP BOLC 006-07 to COL Twitchel E E 37 Chiloi O'Brien/SFC PPO USAMPS B F 22 Chuck Rickard MPRA B A 27 PVT Justin Helms Charolette NC B B 38 SSG Eppich R. Ft. Polk 19DEC06 D D 38 In Memory of LT COL Kit Carson F F 38 SGT Tofny Bailey 20th ASG, 2003 A A 39 Larry Perkins 212 MP CP C C 39 SPC Elijah Nies 34th MP, 2003 E E 39 CPT Ann Clinton 2/80th MP BN B B 62 CPT J.T. Yasuda/OIF 04-05*06-07 B C 25 CPT John F Petkovich 519th MP BN B D 32 CPT Marcus Long US ARMY, USMC B E 63