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Dedicated ByLast NameOn BrickSectionColumnRow 64th MP OIF 07-09 2nd PLT Wolfpack B E 9 IED Roberts Sentry Dogs 212 B B 40 Force of Choice MP BOLC 003-07 B D 40 SFC C. Buzzatto WIA 4NOV2006 B F 40 SSG J Gasdard 40th MP, 2003 B A 41 SPC J. Hughes B11-623FA503BN B D 42 SGT C Monroe HHC, 785 BN B F 42 SGT S Morin Jr A13-133FA 785 BN B A 43 AIC E Jacobson 586 ESFS B C 43 SFC K Wenbly B12-123 FA 793 BN B E 43 SSG J McNaughton HHC, 306 BN B B 44 SPC E Toth A17-623 FA 503 BN B D 44 SSG W Allers III 503BN B F 44 1LT T Price 127 CO, 709 BN B A 45 SPC T Vue 127 CO, 709 MP BN B C 45 SPC M Hayes 617 CO, 503 BN B B 46 SGT J Campbell 108 CO, 503 BN B D 46 SSG S Koele 212 CO, 793 BN B F 46 SPC D. Daniels 630 CO, 793 BN B A 47 18th MP Brigade Ever Vigilant OIF III Joe F NOV 2004-NOV2005 B C 47 SPC R Montgomery B11-623FA, 503BN B E 47 In honor of MSG Sabalu Wilberto Jr BN OEF 050607 B B 48 SGT Ashley Moyer 630th MO, Iraq B D 48 Staff Sergeant Gregory McCoy OIF 410th MP Company B E 49 COL Ted Spain 18th MP BDE OIF I B B 16