It is with great pleasure that we solicit nominations for the US Army Military Police Corps Regimental Hall of Fame.

Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers, Enlisted Soldiers, or Professional Civilians who have served with or supported an active or reserve component Military Police unit are eligible for nomination. Nominees must have departed service with the US Government for at least five complete years prior to consideration. A Nominee must have contributed significantly to the evolution and enhancement of the mission, doctrine, training, or lineage and heritage of the Military Police Corps. Nominations for heroic action may also be submitted. Nominations must be based on genuine, personal knowledge or research by the nominator.

Nomination packets must include the full name and official rank or grade of the nominee; a career biography, to include key assignments and accomplishments that warrant induction into the Hall of Fame; a narrative justification specifically citing key accomplishments and the impact of those accomplishments on the Army and the Military Police Corps; current address and phone number for the nominee or a surviving family member; and, an 8 x 10 color or B&W photograph of the nominee and contact information for the nominator.

Anyone may nominate an individual for induction into the Hall of Fame. Nominations should be forwarded to the Chief of Staff, US Army Military Police School, ATSJ-S (ATTN: Julissa Craven), 14030 MSCoE Loop, Suite 1058, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 65473-8926, NLT 30 April 2018.

All eligible nominations will be considered for induction for three successive years following submission. Additional supporting material for the nomination may be submitted at any time during that period. At the conclusion of the three years, the nomination packet will be retired to the Historian’s office if the nominee has not been approved for induction by that time. The Waiver Authority for any aspect of the Hall of Fame selection process belongs solely to the Chief, Military Police Corps Regiment.

Those nominees who are selected will be inducted during a ceremony in celebration of the Military Police Corps 77th Anniversary in September 2018 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Detailed information regarding the Hall of Fame is contained in US Army Military Police Corps Regimental Regulation 870-1, DTD 20 February 2018 available on the US Army Military Police Corps Regiment Website at

USAMPS POC is Julissa Craven, Administrative Operations Specialist, DSN 676-7400, Commercial (573) 563-7400.