Transitioning from military service or finding meaningful employment as a young National Guard or Reserve service member can often be stressful and frustrating. Using the skills you’ve gained through military training can often be a way to find success outside the uniform…if you can find an organization that recognizes them or understands how to translate your knowledge and training to the civilian sector.

Enter the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Missouri Department of Corrections central region recruiter Louis Stock is one of three state-wide recruiters for the department and their team is looking to fill a number of positions at their 21 institutions around the states.

Stock is excited about the opportunity to reach transitioning service members or National Guard and Reserve military police service members, as there are many similarities between the training and day to day structure of the department that he feels would make their positions a good fit.

“We’re looking for military members of all branches, but specifically the Military Police Corps, as well as qualified military spouses to fill our openings. The structure of our department, including our training and the daily responsibilities, is very similar to military life. We find that those who join us from the military are a great asset to the department,” said Stock.

Currently, the department is filling Corrections Officer 1 positions. This is an entry-level position and all who work for the Department of Corrections start here after completing a paid seven-week training program.

The Corrections Officer 1 position is a front-line position with the important task of keeping prisoners safe and secure. The main pre-requisites for this position are that you must be 19 years old, have one year of work history, and have no criminal background (no felony history).

The hiring process can take up to a month, but those interested can fill out an application here. After applications are submitted, there is an interview process and those selected will complete the paid training program by spending four weeks at the department’s academy where new team members are trained. There are three academies in Missouri: Jefferson City, St. Joseph, and Farmington.

Once the academy training is complete, new hires proceed to their assigned institution. Due to the high number of open positions, the department is working with new team members to place them at institutions in their selected part of the state.

The Department of Corrections is also hiring for cook positions, though there are not as many openings and the pay scale is not as competitive as the Corrections Officer 1.

For more information, contact the recruiters below:

Missy Pitzer, Eastern Region

Larry Denny, Western Region

Louis Stock, Central Region:660-882-1518