At this year’s Military Police Regimental Ball, the MPRA recognized the Flint Hills Chapter as our 2019 Chapter of the Year. In honor of this recognition, MPRA Business Manager Beth Bellerby visited the chapter in early October.

Beth met and briefed the 97th MP BN Leadership and Flint Hills chapter representatives including the following leaders:

  • LTC Joshua Campbell & wife Jennifer
  • CSM Dan Leasor & wife Jamie
  • Mr. Dominic Barnes, Chapter President
  • Mr. Chuck Heinz, BN Supporter and recent Friends of the Regiment (FOTR) Awardee

On Monday, October 7, Beth took the opportunity to brief the BN Soldiers about the association. Mr. Barnes briefed first and then Beth focused on what our national MPRA organization offers and how we assist MP Soldiers and families throughout the Regiment. Following the brief, Mr.  Barnes gave Beth a windshield tour of Ft. Riley and a physical tour of both the Kansas State University basketball arena (Bramlage Coliseum) and football stadium. The Flint Hills chapter does quite a bit of fundraising at the K-State home games.

Following the tour, Beth attended the 97th MP BN NCO Induction ceremony and was surprised to be inducted as an Honorary Sergeant. After the NCO induction ceremony, Beth attended the Flint Hills chapter meeting where she was able to see the connections and extensive level of involvement the chapter has within the local community and the Battalion. Afterwards Beth had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know another FOTR awardee, Dr. Claire Dehon. Both Dr. Dehon and her now late husband, Dr. Albert Hamscher, are retired K-State professors and were awarded the FOTR in April of 2019. Dr. Dehon and Dr. Hamscher both joined the MPRA as a Friends & Family member for 2 years and donated $1,000 to the MPRA Benevolent Fund.

On Tuesday, October8, Beth attended the kickoff for the Battalion’s Regimental Golf Tournament. This course was PRISTINE!!! Their tournament is hosted by the Flint Hills Chapter. Although it was a quick trip, it was an honor to be hosted by the Flint Hills chapter and learn more about their best practices so that we can help pass those along to other chapters.

Congratulations to the Flint Hills chapter on this incredible accomplishment!