This year, the MPRA will host the Defense and Law Enforcement Industry (DLEI) Expo instead of the MPRA Expo. The focus of this year’s event will differ slightly from the past and we’ve had a few questions recently. We sat down with MPRA Executive Director Rick Harne to clear up any confusion and learn more about what we can expect from this year’s DLEI Expo.


Q: What is the Defense and Law Enforcement Industry Expo?

A: This event is an opportunity to showcase capabilities and technology that is in keeping with the Army’s Modernization Strategy. The expo will offer a variety of vendor booths (interior and exterior displays) that allow hands-on experience with new technology and industry products.


Q: Will it replace the MPRA Expo?

A: Yes, whereas the MPRA Expo had a law enforcement focus, the DLEI Expo will expand on that law enforcement focus by adding defense industry vendors that provide various protection capabilities.


Q: Why was the decision made to refocus the event?

A: With the Department of Defense focusing on many different capabilities and the Army’s announcement to implement six materiel modernization priorities (listed below) in order to integrate multi-domain operations as a joint force in a single theater by 2028, we are adapting this event to remain beneficial for, and relevant with, senior leaders, the Department of the Army, and the Department of Defense.

6 Army Materiel Modernization Priorities:

  1. Long Range Precision Fires
  2. Next Generation Combat Vehicles
  3. Future Vertical Lift
  4. Modernization of Army Network Technologies
  5. Air and Missile Defense
  6. Soldier Lethality


Q: Who should attend the DLEI Expo?

A: Any representatives from companies and organizations that do business with or wish to do business with the Department of Defense. Fort Leonard Wood is the home to three Regiments (Military Police Corps, Engineer Corps, and the Chemical Corps) as well as many civilian training courses. This event maximizes the exposure for these businesses and organizations across different occupational specialties.


Q: What should vendors expect?

A: During the DLEI Expo, vendors should expect a robust agenda that will provide them with a better understanding of where the military and the Army is headed in the future. They’ll also have opportunities to speak with end-users and decision-makers, alike. 


Q: What should attendees expect?

A: To view the latest in technology and future capabilities and have a one on one dialogue with some of the nations top companies. Attendees should expect interior booths and exterior displays that will provide an up close, hands-on experience.


Q: When and where will it be held?

A: This year’s DLEI Expo will be held August 25-27 at Nutter Field House on Fort Leonard Wood.