University of Phoenix is pleased to collaborate with the Military Police Regimental Association to offer a
scholarship program. MPRA was founded in 1990. Together, with its members, it works to provide a
variety of services and assistance to Military Police Soldiers and their families around the world.
Through its efforts and programs, MPRA communicates the pride, heritage and history of the MP Corps
and to promote the Corps’ future for members, family, and friends of the Regiment.

Through this scholarship program one (1) full-tuition scholarships will be offered. The scholarship will
allow a prospective student the opportunity to complete an undergraduate or master’s degree program
at University of Phoenix. Recipients may choose to attend a University of Phoenix campus or online.

A complete application, and supporting documentation, must be received on, or before, September
23rd, 2019. Applications not submitted or submitted after the designated deadline will not be
considered. No exceptions.

Award Date:
The scholarship committee will determine the recipients of the scholarship by the award
date, November 8th, 2019. All applicants with a submitted application will be notified via email,
regardless if selected as a recipient or not, by award date regarding the status of the scholarship.

Click here for complete details, including application instructions.