Earlier this year, Glory Schroeder received a scholarship from the MPRA. She penned a thank you letter to the organization and it appeared in a recent issue of the Dragoon magazine. We encourage all of our MPRA members, especially those who have contributed to our Legacy Giving campaign, to read her letter below.

Dear Military Police Regimental Association,

As a recipient of the MPRA Scholarship award this year, I am writing to sincerely thank you. It is a great honor to receive this award, and a great privilege to be presented with this opportunity that will assist me in being able to attend Western Washington University as a full-time student.

Being a military child has caused me to move every few years and as a result I have experienced my high school career through three completely different school districts in three different states. I have always strived to do my best academically, maintaining a 3.96 GPA while taking several Advanced Placement classes and being a part of the National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, National Society of High School Scholars, National Technical Honor Society, and the International Thespian Society. I also ventured to be involved with school extracurriculars, mainly being drawn to theatre and video production. I wish to continue studying these interests and hope to intertwine them into my future career.

I have been drawn to Western Washington University not only by the beautiful landscape that it sits upon, but also by the unique opportunities it provides and the welcoming atmosphere; I am very fortunate to soon call it my home. I do not yet know what the college experience will be like, but I am extremely excited to embark on this new adventure. I wish to graduate from WWU in 2022, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with a minor in Theatre Arts and pursue a career in software development or videography and editing around the Seattle or Vancouver areas.

This Scholarship will help me immensely. My Father has been a member of the MPRA for over 15 years and I have witnessed how involved the Association has been in his profession. When I go to ceremonies with my family at the Military Police Memorial Grove, it is evident just how much the MPRA supports its Soldiers and Leaders; I could not be more overjoyed about the award.

Thank you again for your warm generosity. I will not forget your aid and one day hope to give back as you have, encouraging new generations of students to pursue a higher education and accomplish their goals and dreams.


Glory Schroeder