In honor of the Military Police Corps Regiment’s 79th Anniversary, the MPRA is offering a discount of $79 off of our Standard Lifetime Membership for those 65 and younger from September 20-26. The discount is good for these days only and is available only online. Click here to become a lifetime MPRA member now.

MPRA members receive a 10% discount through our gift shop (in store and online), as well as special discounts through many of our corporate partners. Lifetime members receive our quarterly magazine, as well as regular emails that provide updates on our Regiment. MPRA members’ dependents are also eligible for scholarship opportunities.

Most importantly, your membership helps fund one of our most important efforts, our Benevolent Fund. The MPRA Benevolent Fund assists MPs and their Family members around the world during times of crisis and in emergencies. Benevolent Fund recipients do not have to be members of the MPRA to receive assistance, as the mission of the Benevolent Fund is simply to help our fellow MPs in times of need.

We strongly encourage you to consider taking advantage of this special discount during the 2020 MP Regimental Week! If you are currently an MPRA member, please consider sharing this offer with your friends and family members, as we offer Friends & Family memberships, as well as standard memberships.

Our gift shop staff is very busy this week with Regimental Week activities and they’ll be conducting inventory next week. There may be a delay in their response if you have questions or in processing your membership, but please know they are working hard to provide all of our members with the best service possible. You can reach them via email if you have questions: [email protected]