Scholarship Fund

The MPRA Scholarship Program awards scholarships annually to children or spouses of Standard Members of the MPRA. Students may be enrolled, or planning to enroll, in an accredited college or university in a program of undergraduate and graduate studies. The program was established in 2006 with the purpose of providing educational tools to the family members of the Military Police Corps Regiment. The MPRA Scholarship is made possible through generous contributions from friends of the MPRA and from proceeds from a variety of fundraising efforts. We have awarded $208,300.00 to 234 family members to continue their educational goals.

The 2017 Scholarship window has closed and recipients are listed below.

The 2018 Application will be available January 2018.

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awarded to 234 family members

Please see the 2017 Recipients below.

Travis Barrow 1000
Hayley Bayne 1000
Courtney Beilhart 1000
Brady Black 1000
Katherine Dooley 1000
Trayvon Foy 1000
Kylei Giles 1000
Briah Glover 1000
Kellsie Herrmann 2000
Morgan Lulker 1000
Stephanie Malozzi 1000
Tony McGee 1000
Mikayla Morrison 1000
Mikaela O’Barr 1000
Julieann Patarini 1000
Kaitlyn Pratt 1000
Alexandra Reina 1000
Ynessa Rhodes 1000
Chelsea Rodriguez 1000
Daysamarie Rosario Carrasquillo 1000
Haley Schrock 1000
Tedris Smith 1000
Meagan Solomon 1500
Israel Thomas 1000
David West 1000
Carly Williams 1000
Jaihde Williams 1000
Krystina Zabek 1000