“Gateway To The Regiment” Crossed Pistols Miniature Statue.

  • Cast out of a compound of industrial resin and marble dust.
  • Beautiful and durable.
  • Space for a custom plague located on the front of statue

Size: Statue measures: 12 inches tall, 10 inches wide and 2 inches long.

*Price includes partial shipping and handling*

“Gateway to the Regiment” significant meaning:

Military Police Crossed Pistols
In 1920, the U.S. Army created the Corps of the Military Police as a temporary branch and selected the crossed flintlock pistol as the insignia for the new branch. The design is based upon a .54 caliber single-shot flintlock pistol produced during 1806-1808 for the U.S. Army at Harpers Ferry Arsenal. The War Department officially approved the insignia in 1923. The Corps of Military Police became a permanent branch of the U.S. Army on 25 September 1941, retaining its approved insignia.
The Military Police Regimental Association commissioned the Crossed Pistol Sculpture to stand at the entrance to Memorial Grove. The Association formally dedicated the statue on 25 September 2008. Each pistol is fourteen feet in length and mounted on top of nine-foot brick columns to form an archway, symbolizing a gateway to the Military Police Corps Regiment. Soldiers are welcomed into the Regiment as they pass under the crossed pistol archway as part of their Rite of Passage ceremony.

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