“Zapp” The Horndribbles

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Zapp is one of the most easygoing  and friendly Horndribbles you are likely to meet. He loves to eat, play with his pals, and take long naps. Zapp  is widely considered to be one of the best tree-climbers on the island. But, he doesn’t do this for popularity or awards; he does it because trees are the best place to find his favorite food, the Oogha-Oogha  nut! No food is off-limits to Zapp, who will try anything once and, more likely, twice!!  After a meal, or even a small snack, Zapp embraces his second-favorite pastime, napping!  He can fall asleep anywhere, at any time! Once he is in a deep slumber, his loud snore can be heard echoing throughout the Waka Forest. Favorite saying: “It’s Nap Time!”

Size: 15″



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